Who We Are


Fabric Indulgence & Art Supply is an online purveyor of high-quality fabrics and supplies

Dedicated to empowering creativity, exploration, and expression. We find and gather some of the most unique textiles from around the world with a focus on premium and sustainable products as well as fabric dyes, ribbons, and trims.


Fabric Indulgence began in the rural, Northern California coastal town of Fort Bragg, California, when two young moms recognized their budding creative needs had outgrown the local fabric shop supplies. With the desire to open a store that could both fuel and share their passion for sewing, Erin Severi and a friend dove into their new venture head-first to open Fabric Indulgence in 2000. One year later, the duo purchased a struggling local art supply store, and transitioned the brand to Fabric Indulgence & Art Supply to open even more avenues of creativity. The two women's backgrounds in fine art, as well as individual talents in costuming and quilting, not only played a key role in the merchandise on the shelves it also helped them to stand out from their commercial competitors.

With their diverse product and extensive expertise, the Fabric Indulgence store gained a loyal following from locals and tourists alike for premium products and expert advice in helping people to be creative with fabric. The store gained popularity for its range of high-quality quilting fabrics from domestic designers, as well as internationally-sourced silks for fine garments, costumes and projects. As tourist seasons drew steady streams of out-of-towners, the need to provide customers an online shopping experience became clear.


In 2005, Erin designed, built, and launched fabricandart.com. By then the sole proprietor of the business, Fabric Indulgence was a central part of Erin’s life—and even her daughters, Isabel and Simone, who were raised among bolts of fabrics and paint displays. As online orders poured in, the brick-and-mortar business felt the effects of the recession and declining tourism; Erin eventually closed the storefront in 2013 to focus on growing the blossoming ecommerce shop. Over the years, the Fabric Indulgence product line has grown and expanded, from Australian and Japanese fabrics and batik textiles, hand dyed silk and French velvet ribbons as well as many sustainable, organic fabrics. A passion for providing premium goods to empower and inspire creative pursuits drives Fabric Indulgence forward as Erin and now also her daughter Isabel continue to expand the vision for an artisan based resource for artistic and creative people.

Traveling has become a passion in recent years, venturing to India twice, the UK, Paris and most recently Scotland. Viewing textiles and art are always high on the agenda when she goes to another country, as well as hiking, visiting archeological sites and enjoying the people and cuisine of the different regions.

Lucky enough to source fabrics when she's abroad, Erin enjoys bringing back unique, handmade and traditional collections directly from the sources.

Erin Severi



Isabel Severi joined the Fabric Indulgence team in 2017, after joining her mom Erin in Portland, Oregon. She is the expert packer and shipper here at FabricAndArt.com and produces the video tutorials for the shop. Isabel is an asset to the team and efficiently gets orders processed on a daily basis.

Isabel Severi