Tools and Supplies for Painting and Dyeing Fabrics

Gutta tips

Create a thin line of gutta or resist for detailed design of any silk painting. Offering three sizes and the plastic applicator bottles.

Tjanting tools

Used to apply wax in batik application, we offer both traditonal tjanting tools and an electric tjanting tool. Our suspension claw hooks make stretching silk easy for silk painting, use with stretcher bars for an inexpensive method of stretching silk fabric.

Tools for Silk Painting and Batik

Applicator bottles and syringes for applying dyes to your fabric surface. Rust resisant push pins and suspension claw hooks for stretching silk.

tjanting tool
Batik Tjanting Tool
Tjanting Tool-Brass applicator tip and hardwood stem
  • Large-$6.15
tjanting tools for batik
Batik Tjanting Tools~Set of 3
Tjanting Tools-Set Of Three small, medium and large-stainless steel, wood stem. Use these tjanting tools for batik in the traditional style. Melt wax dip tjanting tool to fill pot.
  • Sold out
electric tjanting tool for batik
Electric Tjanting Tool
Electric Tjanting Tool-Make you rbatik process easy and efficient. Drop a chunk of batik wax in heated cup for no mess melting and appplication of wax. MAde of heavy duty steel and hardwood handle. Tool comes with two steel wax plugs to stop the flow.
Gutta Tips
Gutta tips in 3 sizes, stainless steel tips pop right on top of the plastic applicator bottles. Use with water based resists or rubber based gutta.
  • .7mm stainless steel gutta tip- $2.29 - OUT OF STOCK
  • Set of 3 sizes, 5 mm, 7mm, 9mm and applicator bottle .7mm- $6.50 - OUT OF STOCK
Gutta applicator tips
Applicator Tips~Set of 3
Apply fines lines of Lumiere 3D dimensional fabric paints with standard nozzle top, silk painting gutta tips, or a plastic tips.
  • Set of 3 plastic tips .05, .07, .09
  • Price-.99¢
gutta applicator bottles and gutta tips
Gutta Applicator Bottles
1/2 oz. Applicator, bottle only
  • Price-.99 each
    suspension claw hooks for silk stretching
    Silk Painting Claw Hooks
    Suspension claw hooks for stretching silk. Rubber band loops through rounded end and then pins to stretcher bar. Fine steel claws hook into silk for a smooth stretch an easy, inexpensive system for silk painting.
    • Price-Out of stock

    auto fade pen
    Auto Fade Pen
    Auto fade pen-marks line on fabric and rinses out with water great for marking pattern on silk.
    • Price-Out of stock
    stainless steel push pins
    Rust Resistant Aluminum Push Pins
    Aluminum push pins for silk painting. Rust proof pins have very pointed sharp tip for pushing into wood stretcher bars,.5 inch stainless point, .5 inch aluminum head.100 per box
    • Out of stock
    plastic syringes
    Syringes~Set of 2
    Set of 2 plastic syringes for gutta application, use for precise application directly on fabric and paint mixing. Fine point needle tip.
    • Price- $2.75
    plastic droppers
    Plastic Droppers
    Plastic droppers with rubber squeeze. Use foer applying silk paints to fabric or mixing small amounts.
    • Price-Set of 3-.99¢
    • Set of 5- $4.50
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