Indian wall hangings made with the finest tribal sari embroidery and mirror work, hand woven fabrics and embellished garments pieces. Hand embroidered textiles from retired garments, disassembled and then artistically made into these art pieces. Fine hand work in each of the squares from the embroidery work and loomed pieces. These are not mass produced embroideries or weavings, these are made from dresses, bodices and other parts of the gorgeous tribal clothing worn by the Indian people of remote regions in northern India.

Only one of each available, each original art piece is hand embroidered patchwork. Made up of tribal saris in beautiful colors and patterns also done by hand. The tribal saris come from textiles worn by tribal people in India and then retired and repurposed into gorgeous quilts, wall hangings or centerpieces. Made to be displayed and well constructed for longevity. Some have mirrorwork embroidery, mirrors may be cracked, some may be missing. You can request mirrors if you would like to replace any missing or broken pieces. All patchwork squares are affixed to a backing fabric for stability. These wallhangings have backing fabrics but no fill batting. Meant to be hung on a wall or used as a decorative throw. For a special finish plan on removing the light cotton backing and replacing it with a higher quality fabric and a beautiful binding, border it with our Indian trims or a gorgeous silk dupioni ribbon.
These art quilts are made by women of the Rajasthan region. The work they do can be accomplished while at home raising their children. They work at their own pace and are paid by the piece. This industry provides much needed financial benefits for these village women who would normally be unemployable, in turn providing extra money for food and necessities for her family. The care taken in making these pieces is evident. I have seen many sari quilts all over the country and have never before seen such craft and beautiful finishwork. True pride is taken in making these textiles.