Interfacings & Stabilizers~Clearance

Now 50% off! carries a variety of interfacings, stabilizers and fusible linings for many different types of fabric. Pellon, Stacy Easy Knit, fusible fleece. We have fusible fleece which can be added to any fabric to create a lofty thickness. Great for adding weight to cottons for purses, totes, collars and cuffs, applique and any time you want to add a little more thickness to your fabric.

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fusible cotton fabric
Fusible Cotton

Black fusible cotton. Form Flex, medium weight 100% cotton for adding weight to light fabrics and making heavy fabrics stiffer.Iron on fusible stablizer.

  • Fiber Content-Cotton/ fusible web
  • Width-22 inches wide
  • Price-Was $8.85 yard
  • Clearance price- $4.40 per yard
Tailor's fusible interfacing
Shirt Tailor~Fusible Knit

Shirt Tailro medium weight interfacing-grey for shirtings and medium weight fabrics. Works well for silks and rayon and lighter weight cottons, for suits and jackets. Iron on fusible stablizer.

  • Fiber Content-polyester/ fusible web
  • Width-22 inches
  • Price-Was wide $3.55
  • Clearance price- $ $1.75 per yard
light weight stabilizer
Feather Weight~Fusible

Bosal Feather weight non-woven stabilizer. Iron on fusible stablizer. Use for stabilizing and interfacing on light weight fabrics when you want to add stiffness and weight.

  • Fiber Content-Polyester
  • Width-20 inches wide
  • Price-Was $3.50 yard
  • Clearance price- $ $1.75 per yard
heavy weight stabilizer
Midweight & Lightweight~Sew In

Bosal Midweight sew in non- woven stabilizer-not fusible>-great for adding weight to machine or hand embroidery project-or whenevr you don't want adhesive in your interfacing.

  • Fiber Content-Polyester
  • Width-20 inches wide
  • Lightweight
  • $1.75 per yard
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