Lumiere Metallic Fabric Paint Instructions

Lumiere instructions

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Instructions: Jacquard Lumiere is easy to use. Right from the start you can create fun and exciting projects that will impress your friends and satisfy your creative urges. And as your experience grows so will your repertoire of techniques. Use on any finer fabrics, clay pots, wood and more.

Here are the basics to get you started:

Mixing Colors: Right out of the bottle Jacquard Lumiere provides you with 24 gorgeous colors — plenty for many projects. But if you need more you can easily mix the colors to make any color you desire.

Creating Pastels: You can mix #589 Neopaque White into any Lumiere color to create pastels. Try mixing in a little at first and then adding more if you want to increase the effect.

Increasing Transparency: You can increase the transparency of any color by adding #579 Flowable Extender to it. The more you add the more transparent the color will be.

Increasing Transparency & Flowability: You can increase both transparency and flowability by adding up to 25% water. This will give you more of a watercolor effect.

Application: Jacquard Lumiere can be applied with brushes, stamp pads, squirt bottles, and airbrush. For airbrushing thin with water up to 25%.

Fixing: After drying, Jacquard Lumiere must be set with heat. There are several ways to do it:

Ironing: This is the best method. Use a dry iron and iron on the reverse side on the appropriate setting for the fabric.

Dryer: Have the dryer on as hot a temperature as the fabric will take for about 35 to 45 minutes.

Cleanup: Promptly clean all tools with warm water.

You can use it straight from the bottle. Try applying it to the stamp with a sponge brush or make up sponge.

You can use Jacquard Airfix to set our acrylic textile paints (Dye-Na-Flow, Lumiere, Textile Colors & Neopaque). Add 1 tsp. per quart and let cure for 24 hours. The Airfix and paint mixture is good for six hours so add it to the paint right before you are going to use it. Use in a well ventilated area.

All Jacquard acrylic based paints will work very well together. Keep in mind that the consistencies of each paint are different, so your resulting colors may be thicker or thinner.

Do you have a paint that will work on synthetic fabrics?

All of our fabric paints work well on synthetics. Our fabric paints lines are: Jacquard Textile Colors, Dye-Na-Flow, and Lumiere & Neopaque.

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Make sure that you are using a dry iron at the correct temperature setting for the fabric. If you don't heat set at a high enough temperature for a long enough time, the paint may not be thoroughly set. Sometimes if you are using a top loading washing machine, it can abrade the paint from the fabric. Pre-washing fabrics before doing any surface treatments to remove any factory sizings may also help.

Any of our fabric paints can be used to paint furniture. Depending on what type of effect you want the paint can be brushed, sprayed, squirted, stamped or stenciled onto the cloth. If the furniture will be washed you will need to fix the paint with our Jacquard Airfix. Always do a test on a scrap of fabric or on an inconspicuous place to see if you can get the results you want before tackling the whole piece.

Flowable Extender is the medium-bodied clear acrylic base for Lumiere & Neopaque. Mix it into any other Lumiere Color to create transparency without changing the consistency of the paint.

For a transparent metallic shimmer, try adding some of our Pearl Ex Powdered Pigments to the extender for use on fabric.

Lumiere 3D fabric paint

We also have Lumiere 3D ~Dimensional fabric paint and glue