Lumiere Metallic Fabric Paint Instructions

Lumiere instructions

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Lumiere Fabric Paints: Tips and Tricks for Getting Started

Jacquard Lumiere metallic paints are an easy and versatile way to create fun and interesting designs on everything from fine fabrics to clay pots to wood?and more!

Looking for inspiration? Check out our blog for a few sample projects to inspire you!

Lumiere Tips

  • Lumiere is versatile, and can be used straight from the bottle. Try applying it to a stamp with a sponge brush, or makeup sponge.

  • You can use Jacquard Airfix to set Lumiere, as well as the methods mentioned below. (Add 1 tsp per quart, and let cure for 24 hours. The Airfix and paint mixture is good for six hours. Use in a well ventilated area.)

  • All Jacquard acrylic based paints will work very well together. Explore our other fabric paints, including Jacquard Textile Colors, Dye-Na-Flow, and Neopaque!

  • Keep in mind that the consistencies of each paint are unique, so resulting colors may be thicker or thinner depending on the paint. Introduce new colors and water gradually.

Lumiere Techniques

Mixing Jacquard Lumiere

Body: With 24 gorgeous, vibrant colors, Lumiere offers a wide variety of potential options. However, mixing and diluting can lead to truly beautiful, unique results. Here are a few pointers from our experience:

Creating Pastels

Mix #589 Neopaque White to create a pastel shade of any color. Start small, and add gradually until you reach your desired color.

Increasing Transparency

Add small amounts of #579 Flowable Extender to any share to increase transparency.

Increasing Transparency and Flowability

Gradually adding up to 25% water will increase both transparency and flowability, to give more of a watercolor effect.

Applying Jacquard Lumiere

Body: Brushes, stamp pads, squirt bottles, and air brushes are all easy ways to apply Lumiere. Thin paint with water by up to 25% to air brush.

Fixing Lumiere

Body: Set Lumiere with heat. A few possible ways to do this:


We recommend this over the other methods. Iron on the reverse side of the fabric, and the appropriate setting to match the fabric.


Dry the fabric for 35-45 minutes on the hottest setting the fabric will allow.


We recommend cleaning up all tools promptly with warm water.

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