Silk Painting Brushes

Bamboo brushes and hake brushes for silk painting and Sumi-e. Handmade natural hair brushes hair holds water and ink well and taper into a fine point for control and detailed painting. Get fluid, consistant lines in your artwork and calligraphy. Bamboo stems insure strength and comfort when painting, as well as an asthetically pleasing look. These brushes are well made and won't leave hair behind in your art. Bound by hand and glued the soft natural hair is the best for Sumi-e, watercolor and silk painting.
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sumi brushes, silk painting brushes
Taihitsu Brush

Gorgeous, professional quality natural/synthetic blend of silky smooth fluid holding bristles. These Sumi brushes are perfect for inks and silk paints.

  • Material-Bamboo/ Natural and synthetic blend of bristles
  • Medium 2 3/4 inch bristle, fine tip
  • Discontinued
Hoboku stroke brushes
Hoboku Stroke Brush

Hoboku Stroke brushes high quality bristles and professionally bound. Now 4 different sizes! These brushes, when taken care of will last for years. Natural bristle horsehair hold their shape when used with ink and watercolors. Made in Japan.

  • Material-Natural Bristle, Bamboo Stem

Small round stroke brush-Regular $37.38, Sale price $30.00

Medium round stroke brush-$38.95, Sale price- $35.16

Large round stroke brush-Regular $39.95, Sale price- $37.00

Extra large round stroke brush-Regular $66.15, Sale price -$52.92

Wide hake brushes
Samba Hair Hake
Artists's quality laquer handled hake brush. Soft natural Samba hair brush for washes.
  • Material-Natural Hair bristles, wooden stem. Made in Taiwan
  • Medium 1 1/2 inch-$16.00

    Large 2 7/8 inch-Discontinued

Natural paint brushes
Student Sumi-e Brush
Inexpensive for beginning calligraphers or watercolor artists. Hair may be left behind. Good water holding capacity, tapers to a fine point.
  • Material-Natural Bristles, Bamboo Stem
  • Sumi-e student brush size 1- $3.70

    Sumi-e student brush size 2- $4.70

    Sumi-e student brush size 3- $5.70

    Sumi-e student brush size 4- $6.70

    Sumi-e student brush size 5- $7.70

    Sumi-e student brush size 6- $8.70

Goat hair brushes
Student Hake
  • Fiber Content-Natural Bristle-Wood Stem, Metal ferrule
  • Hake Metal ferrule 1 inch $2.55

    Hake Metal ferrule 1 3/8 inch $2.55

    Hake Metal ferrule 1 3/4 inch $3.55

    Hake Metal ferrule 3 7/8 inch $6.40

    Hake Metal ferrule 4 5/8 inch $8.20

Silk painting wash brushes
Professional Hake Brush
  • Material-Natural Bristle-Wood Stem
  • 1 1/2 inch wide-$11.30

    2 1/2 inch wide-$17.00

Bamboo paint brushes
Bamboo Sheep Hair Hake
Bamboo Sheep hair brushes are a series of bamboo strips stuck together and have soft, absorbent bristles. Unique flat, wide brushes. Hairs may come out when painting.
  • Material-Natual Bristle, Bamboo Stem
  • Sheep Hair 1 inch bamboo Hake $2.30

    Sheep Hair 1 7/8 bamboo Hake $4.60

    Sheep Hair 3 1/4" bamboo Hake $7.50

    Sheep Hair 3 7/8" bamboo Hake $7.00

    Sheep Hair 5 1/2 " bamboo Hake $9.35