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There are 11 standardized colors (see hints and tips for list) in the Procion MX line. All other colors, no matter the manufacturer,
are mixed formulas of two or more of these standardized colors. We offer a broad range of colors for your convenience, but the
ultimate dyer only needs to stock the standardized colors.
Soda Soak Method
Be sure to prewash fabric to remove any dirt, grease or sizing. We suggest using Synthrapol.
1. Soak fabric in a mixture of 1 cup soda ash per 1 gallon of water for 20 minutes. Be sure the soda ash is thoroughly dissolved.
Wearing gloves, squeeze fabric out by hand.
2. Fold and tie fabric.
3. In 1 cup of tap water, mix 2 or more teaspoons of dye. Apply the dye to the fabric using a squirt bottle, paint brush or sponge.
Turn the piece over and repeat the pattern on the opposite side. Apply as many colors as you like; however, oversaturation
may cause all your colors to run together.
4. Cover fabric with plastic wrap or place in a plastic bag, and let stand for at least 12 hours (preferably 24).
5. For rinsing: While wearing gloves, rinse the dyed fabric first with cool water, then with increasingly warmer water. After 3 or
4 rinses, when the water is nearly clear, prepare a soap soak. Use 2 to 3 gallons of very warm tap water and 1? teaspoons of
Synthrapol. The fabric should sit in this soap bath for 5 to 10 minutes. Rinse 3 or 4 additional times with warm water.
Hints on Folding & Binding
Always fold on a clean, flat surface.
When folding or bunching, expose as much fabric as possible.
Make small folds rather than large folds.
Use string, rubber bands or narrow elastic for resists. Bind tightly.
Accordion, Horizontal, Diagonal or Vertical Fold ? Pleat the fabric in 1?? or smaller folds and bind. This will make parallel lines
of the dye if applied on the folded edges.
Spiral - With the fabric lying flat, select a point and twist, spiraling the fabric around that point to make a bundle that looks like a
cinnamon roll. Dye applied in pie-shaped wedges will create a spiral when the fabric is opened.
Circles - Select a point and lift the fabric by that point. Smooth the fabric to make a cone. Bind along the cone. Dye applied in
horizontal bands between the bindings will make concentric circles.
Dots - Select a point and lift the fabric by that point. Bind fabric close to the point. Select other points and bind. Dye applied to
the points will make dots of color. The binding will keep the dye from making large spots.

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