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Fabrics from around the world

Animal fabrics

Amy Butler fabrics

Asian style fabrics

Australian fabrics

Bamboo jersey knit fabrics

Batik fabrics

Cotton quilting fabrics

Fair trade African fabrics

Fair Trade silk fabrics

Flannel fabric

Maywood flannels

Hand dyed fabrics

Hand loomed silk fabrics

Hemp and silk fabrics

Iridescent silk chiffon fabrics

Japanese fabrics

Japanese indigo fabrics

Kaffe Fassett fabrics

Kona® Cotton fabrics

Linen fabrics

Raw silk fabrics

Rowan quilting fabrics

Oasis organic canvas

Organic cotton fabrics

Organic voile fabrics

Silk dress fabrics

Silk bridal fabrics

Silk shantung fabrics

Silk dupioni fabrics

Pure® Organic Cotton fabrics

Upholstery fabrics

Velveteen fabrics

Wool felt fabrics

Scrap fabric bundles

Quilting bundles


Fabric paints and dyes

Acid dyes

Procion dyes

Pearl Ex powdered pigments

Dye Na Flow

Fabric paints

Metallic fabric paints

Neopaque fabric paints

Lumiere 3 Dimensional paints

Silk paints

Fabric pens

iDye fabric dyes for natural fibers

iDye fabric dyes for polyester fabrics

Versatex screenprinting inks

Paint brushes

Tools for fabric painting

Chemicals and mediums

PFD fabrics for dyeing

Silk scarves,ties and umbrella blanks

Inkjet cotton and silk

Ribbons and trims

Wide hand dyed silk ribbons

hand dyed silk ribbons

Silk dupioni ribbons

Satin ribbons

New Indian embroidered trims!

Sheer organza ribbons

Rayon ribbons

Velvet ribbons

Feather trims and bulk feathers


Other creative essentials

Wool rovings

felting supplies

Folkwear Patterns

Amy Butler patterns

Sumi-e painting supplies

Sulky thread clearance

Artisan Buttons!!!

Bamboo and organic cotton battings

Bamboo pillows

Gift Certificates

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ribbons and trims

We also have the highest quality Ribbons and trims



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Fabrics from around the world

At FabricAndArt.com we focus is on natural fibers and quality sustainable fabrics, we have a large selection of quality quilt fabrics, organic cotton quilt fabrics and other quality fabrics. Proudly, we've been on the forefront of offering Hemp fabrics and Organic cotton and bamboo fabrics. We are proud to offer handcrafted batik fabrics from Ghana as well as Vietnamese brocade and woven silk shantung from Cambodia. As always our selection of Indonesian batik fabrics and Bali handpaints are a true celebration of color. We have a range of other fabrics including our most popular Japanese quilt fabrics and Aboriginal fabrics from Australia. We also have bridal quality silk dupioni and silk shantung fabrics.

quilting fabrics

Cotton quilting fabrics

Rowan quilting fabrics

Rowan Quilting fabrics

Kaffe Fassett fabrics

Kaffe Fasset fabrics

Quilting fabrics

Floral quilting fabrics

Animal fabrics

Animal themed quilting fabrics

Australian aboriginal fabrics

Authentic Aboriginal Fabrics

Quilting  fabrics

Fun juvenile prints and Novelty quilt fabrics-on sale now!

batik fabrics

Batik quilting fabrics

2 pages of Batik fabrics!

Hand dyed fabrics

Hand dyed fabrics from Bali


Japanese fabrics

Japanese indigo sashiko fabrics

Japanese fabrics

Japanese Fabrics


Asian fabrics

Asian style fabrics


flannel fabrics

CLEARANCE! Flannel fabrics

wool felt fabrics

Wool and Bamboo felt fabrics

Wool felt Pumpkin pillow project

check out our wool felt pillow project

Solid colored flannel fabrics

Maywood solid flannel fabrics

Woven silk fabrics

Woven silk fabrics

Raw silk fabrics

Raw silk fabrics from India

Cotten Silk fabrics

Shot silks-cotton blend iridescent fabrics

hemp fabrics

Hemp fabrics

silk dress fabrics

Silk dress fabrics

Silk dupioni and shantung fabrics

Indian Silk Dupioni and Shantung fabrics

fair trade silk fabrics

Fair trade Silk fabric-on sale!

Silk bridal fabrics

Bridal silk fabrics

African batik fabrics

Fair trade African fabrics-clearance

bamboo jersey knit fabrics

Bamboo jersey knit fabrics

cotton jersey knit fabrics

Cotton jersey knit fabrics

Pure organic cotton fabrics

Pure-organic solid colored cotton fabrics

Upholstery fabrics

CLEARANCE! Upholstery fabrics

We also have a huge selection of ribbons and trims

cotton velveteen fabrics

Velvet fabrics

fabrics for dyeing and painting

PFD and other fabrics for dyeing and painting

Kona solid colored quilting fabrics

CLEARANCE! Kona Cottons solid colored quilting fabrics

sale fabrics

MORE Clearance Fabrics

Check out our related items

bamboo batting and pillowforms

Bamboo and organic cotton blended quilt batting, fiber fill and pillowforms

fabric paints and dyes

Remember to check out our extensive fabric painting and dyeing supplies

Interfacings and stabilizers

Interfacings and stabilizers