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Fabric paints and dyes

Jacquard fabric paints and dyes are professional quality textile materials and add vibrant color and to any textile painting or dyeing project. These fabric paints and dyes will entice your creative spirit. Fabric painting, dyeing, canvas or paper arts, you can use these paints to color your world. Silk paints and the Procion fabric dyes are top quality, pure color for natural fibers. Fabric artists, quilters, and fine artists will find a selection of great products with the Jacquard line of paints, dyes and inks. Look no further, inspiration is here! Check the links on each product page for instructions, tips and projects.


Jacquard textile paints

Jacquard Textile paints

metallic fabric paints

Lumiere metallic fabric paints

dye na flow fluid fabric paint

Dye Na Flow fabric paints

Neopaque fabric paints

Neopaque super opaque fabric paints

Versatex screen printing inks

Versatex screen printing and block printing inks

Procion fabric dyes

Procion MX Fiber Reactive fabric dyes for cotton, rayon & silk

Acid dyes for wool and silk

Acid dyes for dyeing wool, silk, nylon

Tie dye kits

Tie dye kits

Indigo dyes

Indigo dyes

iDye for polyester

iDye Poly for polyester and Nylon

Idye easy fabric dyes

iDye fabric dyes for natural fabrics

brushes for painting on silks

Natural hair Silk painting brushes

silk paints

Silk paints

Guttas and resists for silk painting

Guttas and resists for painting on silk

batik waxes and encaustic waxes

Batik waxes and encaustric mediums

Fabric painting chemicals

Chemicals and mediums for fabric painting and dyeing

T-juice markers fabric pens

Fabric Pens-permanent felt tip pens for t-shirts and quilts, 3 different sizes and sets too

fabric paint sets

Fabric paint sets -our popular fabric paints in sets, tie dye kits and paintable blank sets and

Pearl Ex powdered pigments

Pearl Ex powdered pigmentsdry powdered mica based metallic and iridescent pigments, transparent and mixable with any wet medium

silk scarf blanks

Silk Tie, scarf, umbrella blanks and hoop blanks for dyeing/ painting

silk fabrics for painting and dyeing

Fabrics prepared for painting and dyeing

Injet fabric sheets

Injet printing silk and cotton fabrics for printers

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