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Japanese Papers - made in the same tradition for hundreds of years -Natural Fibers-Hosho, Unryu, and Kozo are wonderfully textured, perfect for Japanese painting, Sumi-e, Chinese brush painting, and Asian calligraphy. As early as the sixth century, the Japanese were making paper for a multitude of artistic and practical uses. They produced not only fine writing, painting and printing papers, but papers for umbrellas, lanterns, screens, and raincoats. Today Japan still produces more kinds of fine paper than any other country in the world.

The Chinese originally intoduced the art of paper making to the East, as early as 105 AD. Using kozo pulp from Broussonetia, a genus of mulberry tree from Asia, they perfected the art and passed it on to the whole Eastern region. Eventuall the Japanese perfected the paper making art and make available to us the quality art material.

For more than a thousand years, the method of making Sumi sticks has remained the same. Soot from pine or certain vegetable oils mixed with animal or fish glue is molded and dried to form a well-shaped solid block which, when ground on a Suzuri stone with water, turns to ink. It is unsurpassed for producing the famous Five Colors, or shades of black, that form the basis of “monochromatic” Sumi painting.

Sumi-e ink sticks

Sumi-e ink stick

Made from soot and glue

0.7 oz. $5.75-CLEARANCE! now $3.50

Sumi-e ink stick 0.9 oz. $8.10, CLEARANCE! now $6.00

Suzuri ink stone

Suzuri ink stone 5" x 2 1/2", wet with water and use to rub ink stick on , deeper well on one side

$11.50-CLEARANCE! now $7.25

Sumi-e ink bottles

Black Permanent Sumi-e ink-Bokuju liquid ink for a dark, rich, glossy black.

12 oz. bottle $15.60 CLEARANCE! now $10.00

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