At we're going all natural with our selection of fabrics! No more synthetic fabrics, which are manufactured using petroleum products and also aren't biodegradable or sustainable. The rising cost of fuel is only the begining of the real problem with our oil based economy. Global warming, pollution in our environment and cancer in our bodies, the cost of petroleum and chemicals has been too high. We're commited to providing safe, healthy and responsible products and hope we can make a small difference with this huge problem. Help us make a difference, support the production of sustainable fabrics.

The idea is just getting catching on in the fabric industry, so at this time all of the beautiful cotton quilt fabrics that we have, from our popular selection of Japanese and Asian fabrics and the fun printed quilt fabrics are not offered in the industry as organic or sustainable. Slowly though, the industry leaders are catching on. We're seeing more organic fabrics coming from these companies .

While shopping our site, look for fair trade fabric, organic cottons, soy and bamboo fabrics. Hemp fabrics are a growing industry and we're happy to offer sustainably grown hemp fabrics .

We are proud to offer only the best quality organic cotton quilt batting and stuffing, and the latest addition to the quilting world , bamboo batting and pillow forms.

We are just as concerned about responsible labor practices, so we're always on the lookout for fair trade fabrics as well as fabric manufactured domestically. We would love for the U.S. fabric mills to reopen, we shouldn't be importing so many textiles to the U.S. when we can grow and manufacture it here.

Please bookmark this site and be comforted to know that shopping here will be dollars well spent!

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