Cynotype Projects

Cyanotype results in a rich blue color when two chemicals, Potassium Ferricyanide and Ferric Ammonium Citrate are mixed together. When brushed on fabric or paper, layered with large negatives, objects or plants and exposed to sunlight. Simply rinse with water and see your creation come to life. Permanent color stays vibrant and makes a lasting art piece.

Follow these easy instructions for a quick and easy project for artists, crafters, photgraphers. Use projects for collage, sewing, arts and craft projects, map making, architectural plans and photography. Easy to do with kids, nontoxic and no clean up!

Projects courtesy of Isabel Rain Severi for Fabric Indulgence

Printed leaves and flowers
Cyanotype Prints on Fabric
A handy 10 sheet pack of pretreated fabrics for creating your own exposures. Great project for crafters, artists and kids! Pretreated sheets are ready for image imprints.
Cyanotype fabric sheets
Glass and Fabric
1. Prepare your sheet, if you have glass to cover it will help hold down your objects.
Cyanotype sheets
Flowers and Leaves
2. Gather a variety of flowers and leaves, look for shapes that will transfer well with detail and different transparency. Fern leaves, flowers, keys, cut paper, almost anything can be used to create silhouettes on these sheets.
printed flower project
Gather Your Goods
3. Place the fabric on a board and layer with foliage, create a design or a natural display. If you have glass to put on top you will achieve more detailed prints and less shadow.
printing flowers
Expose to Sun
4. Leave fabric and plants exposed in the sunlight for up to 30 minutes, longer exposure results in better contrast. It will turn a brownish- copper color.
Cyanotype plant prints
5. Rinse the fabric a few times (at least 5 minutes), the image will gradually turn blue within 24 hours. After rinsing you can add a couple capfuls of hydrogen peroxide to instantly develop color saturation.
Cyanotype project
6. Hang dry or throw in drier, iron and you're done! Colorfast fabric can be used in any sewing project.
Cyanotype sheets

Great project for crafters, artists and kids! Pretreated sheets are ready for image imprints. Buy them now>

Cyanotype solution
Both chemicals to mix your own. Brush on any surface. Cyanotype watercolor paper project below. Don't worry they're nontoxic!
Cyanotype paper project
Cyanotype Paper Project
Mix dry chemicals together to brush on any porous surface. Create cyanotype prints on silk, cotton, leather, wood, paper and more.
Cyanotype prints
Choose a Silhouette
1. Find an image that with make a striking outline, think about how you might use it in a compostion to fill your paper
Cyanotype project
Add Originality
2. Make the image your own by creating accents in the background and interest to the silhouette.
Mixing cyanotype chemicals
Mix Em Up
3. Mix the Potassium Ferricyanide and Ferric Ammonium Citrate according to instructions on label, make only as much solution as you can use in this project, once mixed the solution must be used within 2- 4 hours.
Cyanotype project
Tape and Brush
4. Tape edges of paper, heavy watercolor paper works well but you can use canvas, silk, cotton, leather and wood too. Brush a few coats of solution on and let dry.
Collage project
Design and Place
5. Choose your design and place objects, placing glass over the top will keep objects in place and create hard outlines, 3D objects will have to remain uncovered. Leave in sun.
Cyanotype project
Ready to Rinse
6. After removing objects and tape, place paper in tub of water for rinsing, it should be a copper color now.
Add Peroxide
Hydrogen Peroxide will speed up the development process, add a couple of capfuls to bath after the first couple of rinses.
Cyanotype on paper
Hang Dry
7. Hang image until completely dry
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