Fabric Sources


We frequently get asked, "Where do your fabrics come from?" Around the world is a broad term to use when answering this question but it sums up the sources from which we acquire our textiles. For the last 17 years we've hand picked the collections carefully, not only for the highest quality fabrics available but also for the asthetic qualities that are important to our unique style as well as the process by which the fabrics are manufacture. Keeping mindful of safe and fair working conditions when the textiles are made by hand and setting the highest standards of quality in the manufacture of the end products. Here is a list of our most popular fabrics and their countries of origin.

Silk chiffon fabrics-Bangalore, India

Silk dupioni and shantung fabrics-Bangalore, India

Iridescent woven fabrics-Tamil Nadu, India

Cotton blend woven fabrics-Bihar, India

Organic cotton fabrics-China

Batik fabrics-Bali, Indonesia

Hand dyed fabrics-Bali, Indonesia

Aboriginal printed fabrics-Designed in Australuia, printed in Japan

Traditional Japanese fabric-Japan

Quilting fabrics-Designed in the USA, most printed in Korea or Japan

Linen fabrics-India

PFD cottons and silks-China

Block printed fabrics-Jaipur, India

Handmade Indian textiles-Jodhpur, India


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