Ribbons and Trims

Ribbons and home decorating trims are the perfect way to embellish any project. Decorating pillows, lampshades, quilts and clothing, you can customize your project beautifully. We only carry the highest quality ribbons and trims. We have hand dyed silk ribbons from Hanah SIlk™, our popular seashell and beaded trims, and the bias cut silk dupioni ribbons with elegance and deep, rich colors. Imported from France we also offer a large variety of velvet ribbons and many different colors and sizes. We have lace trims to finish off your formal wear or embellish a special project and for a unique and fun look we have real feathers for your funky and original pieces
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Wide hand dyed silk ribbons


Hand dyed silk ribbons in 1 1/2 -2 1/2 inches
Hanah Silk Hand dyed silk ribbons
Hand dyed silk ribbons in 7/16-1 inch side
silk dupioni ribbons
2 inch wide bias cut silk ribbons
Velvet ribbons
French velvet ribbons in gemstone, holiday and bridal colors.
Sale ribbons
From exotic Indian embroidered trims to satin ribbons, all on clearance now!
beaded trims
Seashell and coin fringe trims