Clearance on sewing buttons in a variety of colors, materials and styles. Some are groups of single cards, some in multiple cards. These high quality buttons are essentaiol for garment sewing and crafting.
Sale buttons
Single cards~Fashion Button Group
A variety of fashion buttons in plastic material, shiny and matte finishes.
  • Material-Plastic/ synthetic
  • Sizes-Various 1/2-1 7/8 inch
  • Price-50% off! Now $12.00
Clearance Animal buttons
Single cards~Animals and Wizard Button Group
Animal faces, wizard and various novelty including some doll sized buttons in a range of colors and finishes.
  • Material-Plastic/ synthetic
  • Sizes-Various 1/4-1 inch
  • Price-50% off! Now $15.00
Brown sale buttons
Single cards~Neutral Browns Button Group
A variety of brown and tan buttons in plastic material, shiny and matte finishes.
  • Material-Plastic/ synthetic
  • Sizes-Various 1/2-1 3/8 inch
  • Price-50% off! Now $12.00-SOLD
Wood and coconut sale buttons
Single cards~Coconut/ Wood Button Group
Wood and coconut, all natural material buttons. Large sizes all the way to small, washable and artisan carved.
  • Natural materials-Coconut/ wood
  • Sizes1/2-1 3/4 inch
  • Price-50% off! Now $18.00
Metal button sale
Single cards~Metal Button group
Silver, black finish and pewter buttons in classic styles. Large cog,Nativa American designs and rams heads with a variety of other heavy duty metal buttons.
  • Material-Metal/ pewter
  • Sizes-Various 1/2-1 7/8 inch
  • Price-50% off! Now $25.00
Glass sale buttons
Single cards-Glass & Shell Button Group
Gorgeous czech glass and shell buttons in a range of sizes and colors. Shell buttons are dyed.
  • Material-Glass/ Shell
  • Sizes-Various 9/16-1 inch
  • Price-50% off! Now $17.00
Metal sale buttons
Double Cards~Metal/ Pewter Novelty
High quality, heavy duty metal and pewter buttons. Two cards of each. Native American designs, Jester and burnished silver.
  • Materials-Metal/ Pewter
  • Size-3/4-1/4inch
  • Price-50% off! Now $25.00
Ivory and white sale buttons
Multiple cards~Neutral Ivory & Whites
Large group of ivory andf white buttons for garemnt sewers. Standard shirt buttos and decorative elegant blouse buttons. Includes large faux Kathy Ireland coconut buttons.
  • Materials-Plastic/ synthetic
  • Sizes-1/2-1 5/8 inch
  • Price-50% off! Now $17.00
Neutral tan sale buttons
Multiple cards~Neutral Tans
Neutral plastic buttons for garments. A variety of tans and taupe in large and small sizes, round and ovals.
  • Materials-Plastic/synthetic
  • Sizes-3/4 -1 1/8 inch
  • Price-50% off! Now $15.00
Coconut and wood sale buttons
Multiple cards~Coconut/ Horn/ Wood
Natural coconut, wood and horn, all natural materials and washable. Great garment or jejwelry buttons. High quality and often hand carved.
  • Materials-Coconut, wood, horn
  • SOLD
Pastel sale buttons
Multiple cards~Pastel Colored Cogs
Beautiful array of pastel and bright colored flower shaped cogs all in the same 5/8 inch.
  • Materials-Plastic
  • Sizes-5/8 inch
  • Price-50% off! Now $34.50
Fashio button clearance
Multiple cards-Fashion Brights
From large golden yellow , ivory and olive to soft chartreuse shells, these fashion buttons are a useful group of attractive garment buttons.
  • Materials-Shell, nylon
  • Sizes-3/4- 1 1/8 inch
  • Price-50% off! Now-$24.00
metallic gold sale buttons
Multiple cards-Metallic Gold Group
Metallic gold fashion buttons for formal garments. A variety of gold shades and enamel style navy and gold buttons.
  • Materials-Metallic plastic, Nylon, metal
  • Sizes-5/8-1 inch
  • Price-50% off! Now-$21.00
Doll button clearance
Multiple cards-Doll Buttons
Tiny sized doll buttons in a rainbow of colors-Cute! Both flat classic and round button styles.
  • Materials-Nylon, plastic
  • Sizes-1/8-1/4 inch
  • Price-50% off! Now-$23.00
Pastel sale buttons
Multiple cards~Pastel Fashion
Teal bars, peach iridescence, green pastels, a range of fun buttons that would be appropriate for both sophisticated and childrens garments.
  • Materials-Plastic, nylon
  • Sizes-5/8-1 1/4 inch long
  • Price-50% off! Now-$26.00
Fashion button clearance
Multiple cards~Fashion Pinks/ Turquoise/Purple
Pinks, magenta, purple and turquoise. Glass, shell and plastic variety of fashion buttons. High quality and versatile.
  • Materials-Glass, shell, plastic
  • Sizes-3/4-1 1/4 inch
  • Price-50% off! Now-$31.00
Pastel star buttons
Multiple cards~Pastel Stars
Sweet mix of pastel oval star buttons in pink and turquoise and little pastel purple squares. Perfect for children's clothing.
  • Materials-Plastic
  • Sizes-3/8-3/4 inch
  • Price-50% off! Now $16.00
Black sale buttons
Multiple cards-Neutral Black
Lots of different cards in a variety of styles. Standard black for garments, washable.
  • Materials-Plastic, nylon
  • Sizes-1/2-7/8 inch
  • Price-50% off! Now-$16.00


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Silver Metal Buttons

Silver metal buttons
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