Shell Buttons

At we are famous for our collection of amazing sewing buttons from around the world. Our mother of pearl and abalone buttons are made from real shell, carefully drilled and polished for use by discerning sewers. Enjoy these artisan buttons and make your garment stand out with the final details.Please keep in mind these are natural materials and there will be variations in color, texture and slightly in size or thickness. Although we offer a broad selection of carved, laser cut and painted buttons, all buttons are clearance items and won't be re-ordered.


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Ivory shirt buttons
Shell Buttons

vory gloss tiny shirt buttons. 6 per card. Made in Portugal. Item #40698

  • Material-Plastic
  • Size-3/8 inch
  • Quantity- 2 per card
  • Sold out

shell butterfly button
Butterfly Shell Buttons

Carved shell butterfly button. Mother of pearl with pinkish tinge. Made in Phillipines

  • Material-Shell
  • Size-7/8 inch wide
  • Quantity-1 per card
  • Price-$2.50 each, 7 cards in stock
White faux shell buttons
Faux Shell~Large Shell Buttons

Soft white shell finish-small fashion buttons. 3 per card Made in Taiwan. Item #39950

  • Material-Plastic
  • Size-3/4 inch fashion buttons.
  • Sold out
Lavender shell buttons
Laser Cut~Purple Shell Buttons

Tiny purple iridescent with laser cut swirls natural material, made in Madagascar

  • Material-Shell
  • Size-3/8-1/2 inch
  • Quantity-2 per card
  • Price-$2.50 per card, 6 cards in stock
red shell buttons
Mesh~Scarlet Shell Buttons

Red laser cut mesh pattern, natural material, made in Italy

  • Material-Shell
  • Size-1 1/8 inch
  • Quantity- 1 per card
  • Price-$1.90 per card, 4 cards in stock
Mother of pearl buttons
Mother of Pearl Shell Buttons

Agoya shell buttons -Natural material buttons Made in Korea

  • Material-Shell
  • Out of stock
Burgundy shell buttons
Lacework~Magenta Shell Buttons

Burgundy lace buttons, laser cut natural material seashell buttons, made in Italy

  • Material-Shell
  • Size-5/8 inch
  • Quantity-3 per card
  • Price-$5.70 per card, 7 cards in stock