Silk Painting Project


Simple and quick, perfect for beginning silk painters or advanced artists who need a small canvas to practice design, color applictations and silk painting techniques. Jacquard's Green Label Silk Paints are rich in color, already diluted for instant paintability and easy to set. A step by step guide to creating a visual treat that you can hang. Great for children's craft projects!
Silk painting project auto fade pen
Auto Fade Pen Outline
1. Draw out your design on stretched hoop with an auto fade pen, you can place a image or drawing behind the hoop to use as a guide. The design will fade within 24 hours which gives you plenty of time to apply the resist outline.
Silk painting metallic gold resist
Aplying Resist Outline
2. Make sure the hoop sits just above the surface of the table. Draw out the lines with small applicator bottle filled with either a waterbased resist or gutta. Turn the hoop over occasionally to make sure the resist is penetrating the layer of fabric completely.
silk painting project peony design
Adding Color
3. Read the instructions on the bottle to see the drying time on the resist used. Apply chosen colors by dropping color and painting carefully, using the tip of the brush to get in the detaled areas. You can mix our color right on the silk, dropping layers of color into each other tp create a mottled look.
Metallic gold gutta resist
Silk Painting Brushes
4. Larger brushes for bigger area of negatove apce and small brushes for details.
Silk paiting hoop painting project
Prepare Your Background
5. Skies the limit with what to do behind your design. You can pre-wet the white silk and drop color onto it creating a watercolor effect, you can also apply different shades of color and while paint is still wet sprinkle our large grain silk salt to the surface. Let it dry and watch the color get pushed into starbursts. Small grain table salt works too, the starbusts will be smaller.
Finishing Up
6. Allow your paint to dry completely before brusing the salt off. Set with Permanant Dyeset Concentrate. Waterbased resists do not need tpo be steam set and the clear will rinse out, gutta lines can to be steamed out if desired but is not necessary on a wall hanging.
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